VxBlock Administration (EMCVBAM)



This course covers administration and management aspects of the VxBlock System. It includes an overview of the architecture as well as introduces common administrative tasks that are performed using the various system element managers and Dell EMC Vision Indigent Operations. This training is designed to enable participants to successfully complete hands-on activities for common VxBlock System administrative tasks.


This course is intended for professionals who will be administering and managing a VxBlock System.


To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student must have a suitable knowledgebase/skill set. The student must have an understanding of:

  • VMware ESX Server installation, configuration, and management
  • Microsoft Windows and UNIX/Linux administration and operation
  • Specialist knowledge of EMC storage array technology
  • Concept of server, storage, and access path virtualization
  • Knowledge of Fibre Channel SAN zoning and virtualization
  • System management and monitoring concepts


Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Discuss VxBlock Systems, their building block components, and how the VxBlock integrates into a datacenter
  • Capture and backup the VxBlock System configuration baseline
  • Monitor VxBlock System status, health, and performance using component element managers and Dell EMC Vision Intelligent Operations
  • Create, expand and provision VxBlock System compute, network, storage, and virtualization resources
  • Validate the configuration compliance against the Dell EMC Release Certification Matrix (RCM) and the Dell EMC Security Guide


System Administration Overview
  • VxBlock System overview
  • System administration overview
Advanced Management Platform (AMP)
  • Element Managers introduction
  • Dell EMC Vision intelligent operations
  • Advanced Management Platform
Managing Network Resources
  • Network paths and components
  • LAN configuration
  • SAN configuration
Common VxBlock Storage Concepts
  • VxBlock storage systems
  • Storage provisioning
  • File storage concepts
Managing Unity Storage
  • Unity models and features
  • Unity NAS
  • Unity management
Managing XtremIO Storage
  • XtremIO models and features
  • XtremIO management
Managing VMAX Storage
  • VMAX models and features
  • VMAX embedded NAS (eNAS)
  • VMAX management
Managing Compute Resources
Managing Virtualization Resources
  • VMware concepts
  • Virtualization management
VxBlock System Monitoring
  • Configuring Syslog and SNMP
  • VxBlock system health checks
VxBlock System Protection
  • Backing Up VxBlock system data
  • Protecting VxBlock production data
VxBlock System Assurance
  • RCM information, scan and prepositioning
  • RCM upgrade
VxBlock System Security
  • Security concepts
  • UCS management tools
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