Advanced z/OS Security: Crypto, Network, RACF and Your Enterprise (ES66G)



This class is intended for z/OS system programers and security specialists in charge of designing and implementing z/OS security for web enabled applications.


  • General z/OS knowledge including basic Unix System Services skills
  • Experience configuring any of the web servers on z/OS
  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP and RACF


  • Identify the z/OS web security services.
  • Set them up and to operate them.


  • Administration of X.509 digital certificates with RACF
  • Activation of basic and SSL user authentication on the IBM HTTP Server for z/OS
  • Implementation of SSL on TN3270 and FTP
  • Description of the security and cryptographic services in z/OS
  • Description of the capabilities of the Firewall Technologies for z/OS
  • Description of the capabilities of the LDAP Server for z/OS
  • Overview of PKI Services
  • Overview of OpenSSH on z/OS
Classroom Training

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