Microsoft Azure for AWS Experts (MOC 40390)



IT Professionals, Developers, and Enterprise Architects with cloud computing experience using Amazon Web Services


This 3-day instructor-led course provides an in-depth discussion and practical hands-on training of Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Services (IaaS) including Azure Virtual Machines, Storage, Virtual Networking, and deployment options. In addition to practical, hands-on training, the student will participate in several architecture design sessions to help them prepare for real world scenarios. This training is specifically designed to relate technologies and scenarios used in AWS to those used in Microsoft Azure.


  • Introduction to Azure
  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure Networking
  • Microsoft Azure for AWS Experts
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Introduction to Azure AD
  • Architecture Session
Classroom Training

Dauer 3 Tage

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13.11. - 15.11.2019 Münster
25.11. - 27.11.2019 Stuttgart
09.12. - 11.12.2019 Düsseldorf
27.04. - 29.04.2020 Hamburg
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