Oracle HCM Cloud: Approvals (D101412)



In this seminar, you can identify the key concepts of the approval framework, which includes creating approvals, describing a predefined rule, approval types, Oracle BPM Worklist, and notifications.

Learn About:
  • Approval Management Overview.
  • Approval Rules Configuration.
  • Approval Types.
  • Oracle BPM Worklist.
  • Approvals and Notifications.
Benefits to You

Ensure a smooth, rapid implementation of Oracle HCM Cloud approvals. You can understand the configuration options to make improved decisions during the approvals and notifications implementation.


  • Implementation Consultant
  • Functional Implementer



  • Approval Framework
  • Creating Approvals
  • Predefined Rules
  • Approver Types
  • Oracle BPM Worklist
  • Approvals and Notifications


Course Overview
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Audience
  • Information Sources
  • Course Agenda
Approval Management Overivew
  • HCM approval management overview
  • Approval workflow
  • Approval policies
  • Approval workflow
  • Approval transactions
  • Summary
Approval Rules Configuration
  • Configure approval rules
  • Determine transaction's approval process
  • Parts of an approval rule
  • IF statements
  • THEN statements
  • Creating an approval rule
  • Configuring IF conditions
  • Adding rule conditions
Approver Types
  • Approver types
  • Management hierarchy
  • Configuring management and line manager hierarchy
  • Job-Level based line
  • Position hierarchy
  • Users
  • Representatives
  • Application roles
Oracle BPM Worklist
  • Objectives
  • Configuring BPM worklist
  • HCM approval management
  • Roles and rights for approving tasks
  • Task aggregation
  • Assignment and routing policy
  • FYI notifications in BPM
  • Notification and reminder settings
Approvals and Notifications
  • Approval notifications
  • FYI notifications
  • Configuring approval notifications
  • Configuring notifications using composer and design view
  • Configuring notifications using composer and source view
  • Enabling and disabling workflow notifications
  • BPM worklist - administrator options
  • BPM worklist - user views
Course Highlights
  • Course Summary
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