Argus Standard Edition Implementation Fundamentals (D87788)



This Argus Standard Edition Implementation Fundamentals training teaches you how to implement and configure the products included in Argus Standard Edition (Argus Safety, Argus Interchange, Argus Affiliate, Argus Un-blinding), Argus Japan, as well as other new features introduced in Argus 8 in addition to Oracle B2B and BIP.

Learn To:
  • Apply the different application architecture strategies to real life scenarios
  • Perform installation of the Argus Standard Edition on the training environment
  • Facilitate the integration of Argus Safety software with external systems.
  • Facilitate the upgrade of Argus Safety software from a previous release to a target new release.
  • Facilitate the migration of data from an external source into Argus.
  • Develop the Skills to navigate and use the basic Argus application.
  • Perform business and system level configurations in Argus Console.
  • Manage expedited reporting by using configuration options in Argus Console, Interchange and AG Services.
  • Configure and transmit expedited reports to regulatory authorities using E2B R3 reports.
  • Identify the updates to MedWatch Reports in Argus Safety.
  • Configure and transmit eVAERS report to FDA CBER.
  • Execute Local Case Data Lock.
  • Implement Oracle B2B as EDI Gateway.
  • Implement Oracle BIP for Aggregate reporting.
Benefits to You

By completing this course, you'll develop the knowledge and skills to effectively implement Argus Standard Edition 8. You'll understand how to make the most out of your implementation.


  • Application Developers
  • System Administrator
  • Business Analysts
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Technical Consultant
  • Technical Administrator
  • Administrator
  • Pharmacovigilance Professionals


  • Experience with pharmacovigilance concepts and terminologies.
  • Ideally have one to three years of experience with Oracle Argus Safety
  • Ideally have participated in at least one Oracle Argus Safety implementation


  • Implement Argus Standard Edition 8 in the training environment using the scenarios provided
  • Installation
  • Upgrade
  • Migration
  • Business Configuration
  • System Configuration


  • Argus Standard Edition Overview
  • Argus Safety Business Configuration
  • Argus Safety Case Processing
  • Argus Safety Expedited Reporting to Regulatory Authorities
  • Argus Safety Business Configuration Continued
  • Advanced Conditions
  • Argus Safety System Configuration
  • E2B Extension Profile
  • Argus Local Affiliate Configuration
  • Argus Unblinding
  • Argus Safety Japan Configuration
  • Local Case Data Lock
  • Argus Safety Multi-tenant
  • Oracle B2B Gateway
  • Oracle BIP Integration
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