Oracle CPQ Cloud Blue Belt Rel 16 R1 (D97717)



Oracle CPQ Cloud Blue Belt is a bundle course consisting of three individual CPQ Cloud courses, Blue Belt Advanced BML, Blue Belt Advanced Configuration, and Blue Belt Advanced Commerce. The fourth day covers advanced use cases in the Document Designer and introduces CRM integration topics.

This course shows learners how to use the BigMachines Markup Language (BML), HTML, CSS, XSL, advanced formulas, and other advanced modification techniques in Oracle CPQ Cloud to solve advanced use cases relating to Configuration, Commerce, the Document Designer, and CRM integration. This course extends students’ level of functional administration by building on the foundation established in Oracle CPQ Cloud Yellow Belt. Practices and demos throughout the course give learners hands-on experience in implementing solutions to complex business requirements.

Attendees will learn how to use the BigMachines Markup Language (BML) to define advanced functions throughout the site, extending the functionality of the point-and-click interface. In addition to covering how to use BML in conjunction with Configuration and Commerce, the course covers additional complex functionality within Configuration, Commerce, the Document Designer, and relating to CRM integration. Oracle CPQ Cloud Blue Belt also includes basic training in CSS, XML, XSL and how administrators can use these languages to their advantage within the system.

Learn To:
  • Define advanced BML functions throughout Oracle CPQ Cloud
  • Improve the Configuration user interface using HTML attributes, CSS, and mobile layouts
  • Use advanced Commerce functionality and modification tools
  • Solve complex Document Designer use cases using XML and XSL Snippets
  • Locate CRM Integration XSL Files and add filed mappings
  • Oracle CPQ Cloud Blue Belt Advanced BML Ed 1
  • Oracle CPQ Cloud Blue Belt Advanced Configuration Ed 1
  • Oracle CPQ Cloud Blue Belt Advanced Commerce Ed 1


  • Implementation Consultant
  • Technical Consultant
  • Configuration Consultant
  • Systems Architects
  • Configuration Implementer
  • System Administrator
  • Business Analysts
  • System Integrator


Suggested Prerequisites:
  • Familiarity with Firebug
  • Basic Coding Experience
  • Knowledge of CSS, XML, and XSL


  • Extend the functionality of the point-and-click interface using advanced BML functions
  • Create HTML attributes, CSS stylesheets, and mobile layouts to improve the Configuration user interface
  • Modify attribute values with Commerce using complex formulas and advanced modify functions
  • Create XSL Snippets to reference advanced transaction data in XML and solve complex use cases within the Document Designer


Advanced BML
  • BML Overview
  • Syntax and Variables
  • Data Types and Functions
  • BML Use Cases
  • Conditionals
  • Arrays
  • Loops
  • Dictionaries, BMQL and Library Functions
Advanced Configuration
  • Wizard Node Types and Multiple Configuration Flows
  • CSS in Configuration
  • Table-Based Rules
  • Price Books
  • HTML Attributes
  • Troubleshooting Rules
Advanced Commerce
  • Advanced Attribute Types
  • Action Modify Tab
  • Advanced Modify Functions
  • Advanced Formula Management
  • Defaults
  • Auto Updates, Integrations, and Copy Sequences
  • Order of Operations
  • Contract Negotiations
Advanced Document Designer
  • Document Designer Heading Styles
  • XSL Snippets and the Document Designer
  • eSignature Integration
CRM Integration
  • Introduction to CRM Integration
  • Transactions Integration
  • Accounts Integration
  • Parts and Price Books Integration
  • Users Integration
  • User Interface Integration
  • CRM Integration Partners
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