Oracle SCM Cloud: Product Development Administration (D99383)



Participants in the Product Development Administration course will learn how to configure the application by creating object types and workflow statuses, adding page attributes, and designating default approvers. They will also create user accounts and custom roles. Furthermore, they will learn how to set up integration with Innovation Management.


  • System Administrator
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Manager
  • System Integrator
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Administrator
  • Configuration Consultant
  • Configuration Implementer


  • Design and implement an item class with custom attributes.
  • Add a Global Descriptive Flexfield to the manufacturer parts class.
  • Design and implement a change order type and workflow.
  • Add a Contextual Descriptive Flexfield to a specific change order type.
  • Manage users, roles, and custom page fields.
  • Configure a connector between Product Management and Innovation Management.


  • Manage Item and Document Classes
  • Add Custom Attributes
  • Manage Lifecycle Phases
  • Add Custom Manufacturer Part Attributes
  • Create a change order class
  • Create a workflow status
  • Modify a change order workflow
  • Add a flexfield to a change order class
  • Create user accounts
  • Create custom roles
  • Relocate flexfields
  • Create a connector for Product Development
  • Use Implementation Projects
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