Spring Cloud Developer (SCD)



Cloud-native application architectures and processes are becoming a proven strategy to enable fast delivery of business value.

Spring Boot and Spring Cloud are a powerful combination for building modern cloud-native application architectures that leverage industry battle-tested Spring ecosystem and 3rd party solutions to solve accompanying problems of scaling, availability and fault tolerance.

The 3-day Spring Cloud Developer course provides participants with an in-depth coverage of cloud-native and microservices patterns using Spring Cloud and Netflix components to help solve challenges associated with running distributed, cloud-native applications over a microservices architecture.


Developers interested in learning how to construct scalable and fault-tolerant cloud-native applications using the Spring Cloud family of projects.


This course assumes you have significant Java experience, and one of the following:


Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to demonstrate how each of following components contribute to Cloud-Native applications deployment, scaling and fault tolerance characteristics:

  • Distributed Application
  • Service-to-service Calls
  • Service Registration and Discovery
  • Client vs. Server Side Load balancing
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Config Server
  • Distributed Trace


  • Spring Cloud Introduction
Distributed Application
  • Application Continuum
  • Spring Cloud Dependencies
Service Registry and Discovery
  • Service Registry Pattern
  • Eureka Service Registry
  • Service Discovery Clients
  • Eureka Server REST Operations
  • Eureka Client Health Check
Client Load Balancing
  • Spring Cloud Netflix Ribbon
  • Retry and Custom Load Balancing Rule
Circuit Breaker
  • Netflix Hystrix
  • Stats Aggregation
Config Server
  • External Configuration
  • Spring Cloud Config Server
  • Distributed Updates
  • Vault Backend
  • Handling Transient Failures
Declarative Rest Client
  • Netflix Feign Client
Distributed Trace
  • Producer - Sleuth
  • Consumer - Zipkin
Security with OAuth 2.0
  • Securing REST Endpoints
Classroom Training
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Dauer 3 Tage

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