Oracle Application Server 10g Administration II (Self-Study Course)



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  • Identify enhancements in Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Application Server Control to manage a customized and distributed environment.
  • Identify the uses of Oracle Process Management and Notification Server (OPMN) in the OracleAS environment.
  • Identify considerations for choosing the topology for a site.
  • Identify considerations for using the Java topology.
  • Identify considerations for using the Portal and Wireless topology.
  • Identify considerations for using the Forms, Reports, and Discoverer topology.
  • Identify considerations for using the integration topology.
  • Identify considerations for implementing departmental topology.
  • Identify features of the Enterprise Data Center topology.
  • Identify considerations for implementing the development life cycle topology.
  • Identify benefits of using failover clusters in high availability deployments.
  • Identify the features of Identity Management replication for providing high availability.


  • OracleAS Topologies and Deployments
    • OEM AS Control Enhancements
    • OPMN
    • Java Toplogy
    • Portal and Wireless Topology
    • Forms, Reports and Discoverer Topology
    • Integration Topology
    • Departmental Topology
    • Enterprise Data Center Topology
  • OracleAS Installations and Upgrades
    • Identity Management and Metadata Repository: Installation Steps
    • Identity Management only with OCA: Installing
    • Multiple Metadata Repositories: Installing
    • Existing Oracle Database: Using
    • Repository Creation Assistant: Using
    • Database-Based Clusters and Identity Management: Using
    • Database-Based Clusters and No Identity Management: Using
    • Upgrade Process: An Overview
  • High Availability Solutions
    • High Availability: An Overview
    • High Availability: End-to-End
    • High Availability: Grid Computing
    • Application Level High Availability
    • Middle-Tier Level High Availability
    • Infrastructure High Availability
    • Infrastructure Availability: Clustering
    • Infrastructure High Availability: IM
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