RightNow Cust Portal Design & Contact Ctr Exp Designer Adm; Training-on-Demand



  • Systemadministratoren
  • Vertriebsberater
  • Technischer Berater
  • Web-Administrator


Erforderliche Vorkenntnisse:

  • RightNow Customer Service Administration

Empfohlene Vorkenntnisse:

  • Understanding basic HTML, CSS


  • Configure Dreamweaver Site to Use WebDAV Protocol
  • Utilize CP Site Administration Pages
  • Configure RightNow CX for CP Use
  • Navigate RightNow CX Site Files in Dreamweaver
  • Apply an Existing Theme to a Site
  • Use or Remove Widgets and Variables on a Page/Template
  • Change Widget Attributes
  • Access Tag Documentation
  • Find and Add Tags in Pages/Templates
  • Deploy Site Changes to Production
  • Create Workspaces
  • Create Agent Scripts
  • Design and Develop a Desktop Workflow
  • Configure Guided Assistance


The RightNow Customer Portal Designer and Contact Center Experience Designer Administration introductory course covers key foundational administration topics within the latest generally available version of RightNow CX. This lecture and lab-formatted, hands-on course is ideal for the new administrator or those wanting to brush up on their core administration skills.

In this course, you will learn how to utilize the Customer Portal (CP) framework to modify your customer service web pages. You will leverage the reference implementation and learn how to utilize the robust library of widgets that can be used to further your customers’ experience. You will also receive core knowledge you need to configure the Contact Center Experience, including setting up basic scripts and workflows for your agents to use daily. Learn To:

  • Leverage standard Customer Portal features, such as widgets and pages
  • Build Agent Scripts and Desktop Workflows
  • Use Adobe Dreamweaver and WebDrive as your primary tools to modify CP pages
  • Configure Guided Assistance for agents and customers
  • Make and deploy basic changes to your CP pages

Course subjects

RightNow Customer Portal User and Designer Introduction

  • Using Customer Portal Web Self-Service
  • Understanding CP Terminology
  • Using Customer Portal Components (Themes, Templates, Pages, Assets, Sprites)
  • Understanding how CP is applied in Mobile page sets
  • Using Reports on CP pages

Using the Customer Portal Framework

  • Setting up Adobe Dreamweaver and WebDrive with CP
  • Viewing Environments
  • Navigating the CP File Directories
  • Using CP Help Resources
  • Modifying Themes, Templates, Pages, and Widgets
  • Using Assets and Sprites
  • Applying basic CSS (cascading stylesheet) changes

Site Deployment

  • Testing Changes in Development Mode
  • Staging and Promoting Files to Production
  • Understanding Rollback Options

RightNow Contact Center Experience Designer

  • Using Agent Scripts, Desktop Workflow, and Guided Assistance
  • Creating Workspaces
  • Creating Agent Scripts
  • Designing and Developing a Desktop Workflow
  • Configuring Guided Assistance
  • Knowing When to use Each Tool
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