RightNow Integration and Customization For Developers; Training-on-Demand



Technical consultants


Required Prerequisites:

  • Object-oriented programming
  • C#
  • Net Application Development

Suggested Prerequisites:

  • SQL
  • Relational Database Concepts


  • Deploy and Launch the Application
  • Search for, View, Edit, Create, and Customize Record Types
  • Create Profiles and Staff Accounts
  • Run Analytics Reports
  • View, Edit, and Create Custom Objects
  • Write ROQL Queries that use the RightNow Common Object Model
  • Execute ROQL Queries in a .NET Project
  • Execute CRUD Operations using Connect Web Services for SOAP
  • Optimize Operations using Bulking, Chaining, and Batching
  • Customize the Agent Desktop by creating Add-ins Using the RightNow Desktop Add-in Framework
  • Package and Deploy Add-Ins


This course focuses on non-Web-based aspects of RightNow CX, including programmatic access to the RightNow knowledge base, and customization of the Agent Desktop client application. Students will learn how to use SOAP web services to access the RightNow knowledge base to extract, store, or manipulate data. This access makes it possible to integration information from the knowledge base with other enterprise systems, and vice-versa.

Students will also learn the concepts and skills a developer needs to customize or extend the Agent Desktop application which is used by call center agents to provide customer support. To do this, they will use the RightNow Desktop Add-In Framework which provides templates and wizards that simplify adding components with new functionality, such as automation, integration of external data or applications, or new controls.

Learn To:

  • Import data from other enterprise data systems into the RightNow CX knowledge base
  • Use SOAP web services to extract data from the RightNow CX knowledge base
  • Create new functionality and new components to customize the Agent Desktop

Course subjects

Agent Desktop

  • Deploying and Launching the Agent Desktop
  • Searching for, Viewing, Editing, Creating, and Customizing Record Types
  • Creating Profiles and Staff Accounts
  • Running Analytics Reports
  • Viewing, Editing, and Creating Custom Objects
  • Accessing Help
  • Using the Customer Portal

Right Now Object Query Language (ROQL)

  • Objects and Relationships in the RightNow Connect Common Object Model
  • ROQL Queries
  • Executing ROQL Queries in a .NET Project
  • Special Queries

Connect Web Services for SOAP

  • CRUD Operations using Web Services for SOAP
  • Bulk Operations
  • Batch Operations
  • Chain Operations
  • Running an Analytics Reports
  • Getting Values for NamedID Objects

Desktop Integration

  • Add-Ins and the RightNow Desktop Add-In Framework
  • Developer Mode
  • Templates and Wizards
  • Deployment
  • Working with Records and Automation
  • Connect Web Services for SOAP with Add-Ins

Capstone Activity

  • Developing an application to solve a typical integration challenge
  • Developing an Add-In
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  • 4.025,- €