11i Extend Oracle Applications: Forms; Training-on-Demand



Erforderliche Vorkenntnisse:

  • Oracle Forms Developer 6i: Build Internet Applications I or Oracle Developer 1.6 (Forms 4.5) I
  • Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL (ILT)
  • PL/SQL Fundamentals (ILT)

Empfohlene Vorkenntnisse:

  • Oracle Forms Developer 6i: Build Internet Applications II or
  • Defining Flexfields (ILT, either Release 11 or 11i)
  • Oracle Applications System Administration (ILT, either Relea


  • Describe the Oracle Applications coding standards for Release 11i
  • Build a form layout that adheres to the Oracle Applications User Interface Standards for Forms-Based products
  • Code form logic to comply with the Oracle Applications 11i coding standards and interface with Oracle Applications
  • Describe the Oracle Applications Release 11i user interface


Oracle Application Object Library provides a framework for extending Oracle Applications using Oracle Forms Developer. This framework helps developers build custom forms using Oracle Application Object Library 11i and Oracle Forms Developer 6i. In this class, students learn the graphical user interface (GUI) and coding standards required to develop integrated functional extensions to Oracle Applications using Oracle Forms Developer 6i and the pre-built program components provided with the Oracle Applications. Students learn the same form programming techniques used by Oracle's application development teams to create integrated, user-friendly applications. This class includes extensive hands-on practice building a form to reinforce concepts taught.

Course subjects

  • Internet Computing
  • Application Architecture
  • The TEMPLATE Form
  • Setting Up Menus and Function Security
  • Using Oracle Applications User Interface Standards
  • Coding a Form Using Oracle Applications Coding Standards
  • Controlling Window Behavior
  • Implementing Tabbed Regions
  • Adding Flexfield Calling Routines to a Form
  • Calling Oracle Applications APIs from a Form
  • Building Query Find Windows
  • Adding Calendars to Date Fields
  • Using Message Dictionary
  • Adding Advanced Function Security Features to Forms
  • Adding Special Menus and Right Mouse Button Menus to Forms
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