eProcurement Rel 9.1; Training-on-Demand



End users


Understanding of basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts


  • Create requisitions and purchase orders
  • Source requisitions
  • Establish requesters and buyers
  • Setup user and role actions
  • Create suppliers
  • Setup change templates
  • Manage requisition and purchase order changes
  • Define approval workflow information
  • Create receipts and returns
  • Setup miscellaneous charges
  • Maintain price adjustments
  • Setup eProcurement business units and suppliers


The eProcurement 9.1 course, guides you through eProcurement processes in their logical order. The course provides high-level details about the processes and important step and field-level information for performing steps to complete the processes. In addition to learning about eProcurement processes, the course describes miscellaneous charges that can be combined with items on a purchase order, vendor setup and maintenance information, items, and vendor price adjustments.

Course activities provide key PeopleSoft eProcurement processes. Activities are also provided for vendor receipts and returns, miscellaneous charges, and vendor price adjustments. The course provides information about Verity searches, Direct Connect suppliers, express forms, and procurement cards.

Learn to:

  • Set up business units, users, and role actions
  • Add and approve suppliers
  • Manage requisition and purchase order changes
  • Create item categories and catalogs
  • Manage workflow approvals
  • Create, approve, and source requisitions

Course subjects

Performing Basic Setup for PeopleSoft eProcurement

  • Establishing System Options
  • Creating Business Units
  • Defining Processing Options for Business Units

Creating Suppliers

  • Defining Vendor Controls
  • Creating Vendor Profiles
  • Approving Vendors

Creating Items, Item Categories, and Catalogs

  • Creating Item Categories and Units of Measure
  • Create Purchasing Items
  • Creating Catalog Trees

Establishing Users and User Roles

  • Defining Users
  • Defining Requesters and Buyers
  • Establishing User Preferences
  • Defining User Roles

Managing Approvals

  • Setting Up Specific Data for eProcurement Approvals
  • Approving and Denying Requisitions
  • Delegating Approval Responsibility

Processing Requisitions

  • Creating Requisitions and Express Requisitions
  • Creating Special Requests
  • Sourcing Requisitions to Purchase Orders
  • Expediting Requisitions
  • Using the Quick Sourcer to Source Requisitions
  • Using the Sourcing Workbench

Managing Purchase Orders and Change Requests

  • Dispatching and Publishing Purchase Orders
  • Reviewing Message Logs
  • Using Change Requests in Dispatched Purchase Orders
  • Creating Requisition Change Request
  • Running the Change Purchase Order Process
  • Dispatching Changed Purchase Orders

Using Receipts and Returns in eProcurement

  • Receiving and Rejecting Items
  • Returning Items to Vendors
  • Receiving Items as a Power User

Setting Up Miscellaneous Charges

  • Defining a Miscellaneous Charge
  • Using Miscellaneous Charges

Maintaining Price Adjustments

  • Setting Up Price Adjustment Rules for Vendors
  • Adding a Price Adjustment for a Vendor and for a Purchase Order Schedule
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