Configuration and Development Tools - GUI; Training-on-Demand



  • Entwickler
  • Datenbankadministratoren
  • Technischer Berater


Erforderliche Vorkenntnisse:

  • Some exposure to Java scripting
  • Basic knowledge/experience in the use of the relevant Oracle product
  • Knowledge of basic database concepts
  • Understand an XML document
  • Configuration and Development Tools - Foundation

Empfohlene Vorkenntnisse:

  • Basic knowledge of SQL
  • Understand service oriented architecture
  • Understand the concept of AJAX
  • Some knowledge of XPATH


  • Use HTML within an Info Zone
  • Discuss the different sources that make up an Info Zone
  • Create hyperlinks in columns, rows, and to launch BPA scripts
  • Create work-listable Info Zones
  • Configure Query Zones
  • Add Portals to Menus
  • Differentiate between Zone Types and Zones
  • Discuss Portal and Zone Security
  • Use filters in Zones
  • Use Service Scripts to Validate Filters
  • Suppress Zones using Scripts
  • Write and Generate HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Invoke a BPA scripts
  • Examine the various steps of creating BPA scripts
  • Set up a UI (User Interface) map
  • Configure Info Zones


This course is applicable to all products supported by the Oracle Utilities Applications Framework (SPL) v2.2 including the following:

  • Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing
  • Oracle Utilities Business Intelligence
  • Oracle Enterprise Taxation Management
  • Oracle Revenue Management and Billing for Financial Services and Insurance

This course is intended for programmers who want to develop upgradeable and extendable solutions for the above listed products using the V2 toolset. The presentation, exercises and examples are focused on the front-end (GUI). Students create Information Zones, Query Zones, User Interface Maps, BPA (Business Process Assistant) Scripts, Explorer Zones, and Maintenance Patterns.The student will use HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to create these zones. In addition, the student will use XPATH and XML to add to the V2.2 toolkit experience.

Course subjects

Info Zones

  • Discussing configurable info zones
  • Using HTML with info zone columns
  • Creating hyperlinks to other portals and pages
  • Broadcasting key values to other zones
  • Creating work-listable info zones

Query Zones

  • Differentiating between info zones and query zones
  • Adding portals to menus
  • Differentiating between zone types and zones
  • Using SQL within query zones
  • Changing portal preferences
  • Explaining security for portals and zones
  • Using service scripts to validate filters
  • Using scripts to suppress zones

UI Maps

  • Writing HTML for front-end GUI
  • Explaining CSS
  • Discussing front-end rendering of HTML
  • Generating HTML rather than writing HTML from scratch
  • Explaining help text for your HTML
  • Enforcing consistency

BPA Scripts

  • Invoking BPA scripts
  • Defining data areas for BPA scripts
  • Using steps to create BPA scripts
  • Using BPA scripts as common dialogs
  • Capturing information using a BPA script
  • Differentiating between map zone HTML and BPA map HTML
  • Enforcing consistency
  • Securing BPA scripts

UI Maps and Explorer Zones

  • Differentiating between UI map filters and rendered filters using a style sheet
  • Using a UI map for explorer filters

Maintenance Patterns

  • Exposing the common dialogs
  • Discussing an all-in-one portal
  • Illustrating how an edit button can start a BPA script
  • Using a search portal that is separate from a maintenance portal
  • Explaining what to do when an MO has 'siblings'
  • Discussing log zones
  • Placing the portal on the menu
  • Using a BO's option to define a BO's portal
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