OTM 6.0 Core Competence; Training-on-Demand



  • Projektmanager
  • Technischer Berater
  • Endbenutzer


  • Understand the transport process of your company
  • Basic knowledge of transportation and logistics processes


  • Tender/book and accept a shipment as a service provider
  • Retrieve and explain status information on a shipment
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Distinguish and describe the components of OTM
  • Enter data to model sample business processes
  • Enter fundamental data elements to build a shipment, including service providers and rates
  • Create an order and release an order in OTM
  • Create shipments from orders


This course teaches you the most widely used core functional components in OTM, including order management, transportation planning of direct, multi-stop, and multi-leg shipments, the tendering/booking and acceptance process, and visibility. This course helps you get started with OTM including: finding what you need in OTM, entering supporting data and business rules, creating orders, building shipments, execution, and tracking shipments. OTM is a broad application with many features. This course is designed to introduce you to the breadth of the application. At the conclusion of this course, you will have an understanding of the overall OTM capabilities you may use on a daily basis.

Learn to:

  • Enter data to model sample business processes
  • Create an order and release an order in OTM
  • Create shipments from orders
  • Execute shipments
  • Settle transportation costs

Course subjects

  • Introduction
  • Basic OTM Concepts
  • Scenario 1: Creating Orders and Planning Shipments in OTM
  • Scenario 2: Configuring OTM to Build, Tender, and Financially Settle a Multi-stop Shipment
  • Case Study: Creating, Tendering, and Financially Settling a Multi-stop Shipment
  • Scenario 3: Building a Multi-leg Shipment
  • Case Study: Creating a Multi-leg Shipment
  • Appendix A: Viewing OTM Log Files
  • Appendix B: Importing and Exporting Static Data via CSV
  • Appendix C: Integrating OTM and EBS
  • Appendix D: Integrating OTM and E1
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