RightNow Analytics; Training-on-Demand



Business analysts


  • Previous RightNow CX Analytics experience
  • Relational databases


  • Create custom reports
  • Use report navigation elements
  • Schedule reports
  • Copy standard reports
  • Use Filters
  • Create Functions
  • Create Crosstab Reports
  • Add Drill Down levels
  • Link Reports
  • Use Table Joins
  • Analyze Report Data
  • Create Variables
  • Style Reports
  • Create Dashboards


RightNow Analytics allows analysts to extract key information related to all CX components, so you can develop performance strategies based on collected data. This course covers key analytics administration topics within the latest generally available version of RightNow CX.

You will learn how to modify standard reports as well as create custom reports, utilizing analytics features for creating, formatting, administering and managing reports. You will gain the core knowledge required to leverage the capabilities of RightNow Analytics.

Learn To:

  • Mine data from the CX schema
  • Create report schedules
  • Create custom reports

Course subjects

Reports Introduction and Navigation

  • Reports Explorer & Standard Reports
  • Data Dictionary

Using Reports and the Ribbon

  • Report Ribbon
  • Analyze actions

Scheduling Reports

  • Schedules

Copying Reports

  • Creating Report Copies
  • Editing Copied Reports

Creating New Custom Reports

  • Custom Reports
  • Designing Custom Reports

Using Report Filters

  • Filters
  • Docked filters

Using Functions

  • Functions
  • Structuring Functions and Formulas
  • Interpreting Functions
  • Aggregate Functions
  • Logical Functions

Working with Analytics Variables

  • Analytics variables

Using Cross Tabs

  • Cross Tabs

Adding Drill-down Levels

  • Drill-down Levels

Linking Reports

  • Report Linking

Working with Table Joins

  • Table Relationships and Join Types

Using Report Analyzer

  • Analyzing Reports

Highlighting Report Data

  • Data Exceptions and Conditional Formatting

Styling Reports

  • Report Styles
  • Charts

Importing and Exporting Report Definitions

Using Dashboards

  • Dashboards

Additional Analytics Features

  • Audit Log
  • Inline Editing
  • Record Commands
  • Slices and Rollups
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