Siebel 8.0 Essentials I; Training-on-Demand



  • Datenbankadministratoren
  • Entwickler
  • Formsentwickler
  • Technischer Berater


  • Familiarity with Web-based and client/server applications
  • Familiarity with application development
  • Basic Windows or NT navigation and file-management skills
  • Understanding of basic relational database concepts


  • Describe the steps required to install Siebel application software to set up your enterprise
  • Define your company structure
  • Describe the Siebel application architecture
  • Navigate the Siebel application user interface
  • Populate and migrate data into the Siebel database
  • Secure access to Siebel applications and data


This is part one of Siebel Essentials and it covers Architecture, Assignment Manager and Enterprise Integration Manger. It is continued in a second course "Siebel 8.0 Essentials II Ed 1 TOD", in which you will learn Tools and Configuration

This course provide students with information about Siebel CRM applications architecture, and functionality. Through hands-on labs, course participants learn about Siebel application navigation, data manipulation and queries. Students also learn the fundamental architectural concepts and structures of Siebel CRM applications, including data access control, and data exchange mechanisms.

Understanding Siebel CRM application design and functionality is essential to effectively execute and maintain a Siebel implementation. This course will cover additional areas like Assignment Manager, Architectural Concepts and Structures, and Data Access Control.

Course subjects

Using Siebel CRM

  • Understanding Siebel Applications
  • Navigating Siebel Applications
  • Working with Siebel Data

Controlling Access to Data

  • Responsibilities and Views
  • Users, Positions, and Organizations
  • Implementing the Company Structure
  • Controlling Access to Customer Data
  • Controlling Access to Master Data

The Siebel Web Architecture

  • The Siebel Web Client
  • The Siebel Enterprise
  • The Siebel Gateway Name Server
  • The Siebel Server
  • The Siebel Web Server Extension
  • The Siebel Filesystem
  • The Siebel Database Server

Managing the Siebel Enterprise

  • Components and Parameters
  • Server Management

Siebel Client Types

  • The Siebel Web Client
  • The Siebel Mobile Web Client
  • The Siebel Wireless Web Client
  • The Siebel Handheld Client
  • The Siebel Developer Web Client

Installation and Security

  • Securing Access to the Application
  • Installing Siebel Applications

The Siebel Application Architecture

  • Siebel Object Types and Object Definitions
  • The Siebel Data Model
  • Business Components
  • Party Business Components
  • Business Objects

Assignment Manager

  • Assignment Rules
  • Tailoring Assignments
  • Invoking Assignment Manager

Data Integration

  • Introducing Enterprise Integration Manager
  • Creating Data Maps
  • Running Enterprise Integration Manager
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