Oracle Web Services Manager 11g: Essentials (Self-Study Course)


Oracle Web Services Manager provides a solution for governing the interactions with shared services through security. It also enables operational policy management and enforcement to ensure service reuse remains under control.

This course provides in-depth information on the concepts and features of Oracle Web Services Manager 11g. It also deals with creating assertions and policies, creating custom assertions, and monitoring and testing services by using the Oracle Enterprise Manager Control console.



  • SOA Architect
  • Security Administrators
  • Security Compliance Professionals
  • Business Analysts
  • Technical Consultant


  • Describe the WS-Security standards
  • Describe Oracle Web Services Manager 11g and its architecture
  • Configure Oracle Web Services Manager policies to secure a Web service endpoint
  • Generate client policies for a secure client to invoke a secure service
  • Monitor the health and performance of the protected Web service


Web Services Security Concepts
  • Describe message-level security
  • Describe WLS WS-Security features
  • Use WLS default WS-Policy files with annotations to enforce security
  • List the steps of configuring a message-level security
  • Describe how WS-Security and SAML work together to secure web services
Oracle Web Services Manager 11g: Concepts and Features
  • Oracle Web Services Manager 11g policy framework
  • Components of Oracle Web Services Manager 11g
  • Introducing policies
  • About Policy interceptor pipeline and Policy assertions
  • Introducing security policies
  • Securing SOA components and identity propagation (concepts)
  • Managing SOA composite application policies (concepts)
Managing Policies and Configurations
  • Overview of Web services policy management
  • Viewing the available Web services policies
  • Categorizing different policy types in OWSM 11g
  • Creating Web services policies
  • Working with assertions
  • Versioning Web service policies
  • Exporting Web services policies
  • Managing policy assertion templates
Creating Custom Assertions
  • Need for custom assertion
  • Overview of creating custom assertion
  • Creating a sample custom assertion
  • Testing the custom assertion
Testing and Monitoring Web Services
  • Testing Web services
  • About Web services performance monitoring
  • Viewing Web service statistics
  • Viewing endpoint-specific operations statistics
  • Analyzing policy usage
  • Viewing policy security violations for an endpoint
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