Retail Invoice Matching (ReIM) Business Introduction - (Self-Study Course)



  • Businessanalytiker
  • Endbenutzer
  • Vertriebsberater
  • Technischer Berater


  • Define the purpose and processes of automatic invoice different with RMS and ReIM
  • Identify characteristics of automatic invoice matching
  • Login and navigate through ReIM
  • Identify and set options for invoice matching, tolerances and reason codes
  • Search for an invoice
  • Identify invoice header details
  • Create a merchandise invoice
  • Add a non-merchandise cost to an invoice
  • Add a non-merchandise cost to an invoice
  • Describe the processes of manually matching an invoice to a receipt
  • Review and manage discrepancies
  • Manage discrepancies manually
  • Understand credit note matching


  • Course Overview
    • Agenda
    • Objectives
    • Course Format
  • Overview, Administration, and Automatic Matching
    • Objectives
    • Purpose
    • Matching an Invoice to a Receipt Processing
    • Understanding Invoice Matching
    • Navigation – Main Menu
    • Navigation – List of Values
    • Foundation Data and System Administration
    • Foundation Data and System Reason Codes, Tolerance Maintenance, and User Group Definition
  • Document Entry and Maintenance
    • Objectives
    • Entering a New Invoice
    • Merchandise Invoices
    • Non-Merchandise Invoices
    • Credit Memos
    • Credit Notes
    • Debit Memos
    • Creating invoices and Split Invoices
  • Manual Matching and Managing Discrepancies
    • Objectives
    • Purpose
    • Matching an Invoice to a Receipt--Automatic Matching
    • Matching an Invoice to a Receipt--Manual Matching
    • Reviewing and Managing Discrepancies
    • Resolving Discrepancies--Cost or Quantity Resolution
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