Oracle BPM 11g Essentials (Self-Study Course)



  • Businessanalytiker
  • Entwickler
  • Projektmanager
  • Systemadministratoren


  • Describe the Oracle BPM methodology and the tools that support each phase of the BPM life cycle
  • Describe basic BPMN modeling concepts (activities, gateways, events, swimlanes, and roles)
  • Describe how to create process models using Oracle Business Process Composer and Oracle BPM Studio
  • Describe how Business Analysts, Developers, and others can collaborate on BPM projects using the same tool
  • Explain the role simulations play in optimizing a process
  • List and describe the tasks involved in implementing a BPM process
  • Describe how end users participate in a business process
  • List the process metrics Oracle BPM tracks by default, and describe the types of user-defined metrics that can be tracked
  • Use Business Process Workspace to display monitoring data
  • Explain how Oracle BAM can help you monitor the performance of deployed processes, measuring KPIs, raising alerts and performing automatic actions to resolve issues
  • Describe how a business process is modeled, simulated, implemented, executed, managed, and monitored using Oracle BPM 11g


  • Business Process Management
    • What Is a Business Process?
    • Business Process Management (BPM)
    • BPM Maturity Levels
    • The BPM Life Cycle
  • The Oracle BPM Suite
    • Oracle BPM Suite 11g: Goals
    • Oracle SOA Suite
    • Oracle BPM: Layered over SOA Suite
    • BPMN vs. BPEL
    • Oracle BPM Tools
    • Oracle BPA Suite vs. Oracle BPM Studio
    • Oracle BPM Use Cases (Sample Workflows)
  • Modeling and Simulating a Business Process
    • BPMN Concepts
    • Modeling with Business Process Composer
    • Modeling with BPM Studio
    • Simulating Business Processes
  • Implementing and Deploying a Business Process
    • What Is Implementation?
    • What Are Business Rule Tasks, and How Are They Implemented?
    • What Are User Tasks, and How Are They Implemented?
    • What Are Service Tasks, and How Are They Implemented?
    • Implementing Gateways
    • Enhancing the Process Model
    • Mapping Roles
    • Deploying and Testing
  • Executing a Business Process
    • How End Users Participate in a Business Process
    • Using Oracle Business Process Workspace
  • Monitoring and Analyzing a Business Process
    • Two Types of Administrators
    • Administration Tools
    • Why Monitor?
    • Built-In and Custom Metrics
    • Monitoring Using Oracle Business Process Workspace
    • Monitoring Using Oracle BAM
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