Returns Management Business Introduction (Self-Study Course)



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  • Understand Returns Management from a retail perspective
  • List applications that Returns Management interfaces
  • Name Returns Management most common users
  • List the benefits of using a Returns Management application
  • Comprehend three of Returns Management's key features
  • Comprehend Customer and cashier exception
  • Comprehend Rules, Policies, Return Pattern Watch and Return Policies
  • View the default Return Policies
  • Choose which customer and cashier behaviors to track
  • Choose which customer and cashier behaviors to track
  • Explain how POS and Returns Management communicate
  • Understand how a Return is typically initiated on POS
  • Understand what gets passed back down from ORRM to POS
  • Navigate through functions of Returns Management
  • Configure an Exception Policy
  • View and work with Exceptions


  • Introduction
    • ORRM Overview
    • Course Objectives
    • Oracle Retail's Footprint
    • Three key features of Returns Management
    • Oracle Retail's Benefits
    • Oracle Retail's Roles
  • Terminology and Concepts
    • Customer and cashier exception
    • Rules
    • Policies
    • Return Policies
    • Return Pattern Watch
  • Returns Communication
    • POS and RM communicate
    • Return is initiated on POS
    • Returns Management does when evaluating a return
    • Return Pattern Watch
  • Using ORRM - Demonstration
    • Navigation
    • View Return Tickets
    • Export ticket information
    • Exceptions
    • Configure an Exception Policy
  • Determining Return Policies
    • Determine which policy applies to a return
    • View the default Return Policies
  • Exceptions to Track
    • Customer Exceptions to Track
    • Cashier Exceptions to Track
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