Fusion Applications: CRM Implementation; Training-on-Demand



  • Implementierungsberater
  • Businessanalytiker


  • Navigate the application and manipulate data
  • Manage users and CRM resources
  • Perform a basic file-based import
  • Configure common components
  • Configure territory management
  • Configure assignments
  • Configure lead management
  • Configure opportunity management
  • Configure forecasting


The course covers mandatory tasks that need to be performed once the system has been installed and provisioned for your use (with a focus on cloud deployments). It also explores some common administration and configuration tasks.

Learn To:

  • Set up territory management.
  • Navigate the application and manipulate data.
  • Perform a basic file-based import.
  • Set up opportunity management.
  • Set up customers.

Benefits to You:

Ensure a smooth, rapid implementation of Fusion CRM. Better understand the foundation and configuration options of Fusion CRM so that you can make improved decisions during your implementation. Optimize the set up of territories and assure proper assignments for your organization so that sales agents can pursue the right leads and opportunities.

Foundational Topics

The course covers foundational topics to help you develop a base level understanding of Oracle Fusion CRM. Expert Oracle instructors will help you explore how to set up various areas of the product.

This class is not focused on end-user tasks, features or functions.

Course subjects


  • Oracle Fusion CRM overview
  • User interface overview
  • Functional Setup Manager (FSM) overview
  • Profile options and lookups
  • Geographies
  • Security, resources, and visibility overview
  • File-Based import overview

Customer Center

  • CRM Parties: customers, consumers, sales accounts, and prospects
  • Common Components: appointments, interactions, notes, tasks, and task templates

Territory Management

  • Territory dimensions
  • Territory jobs and synchronization
  • Territory proposals

Assignment Manager

  • Territory-based assignment (TBA)
  • Rule-based assignment (RBA)

Lead Management

  • Scoring, ranking, qualifying, assigning, and converting
  • Qualification and assessments

Opportunity Management

  • Opportunity sales methods and stages
  • Sales coach
  • Opportunity revenue items, sales credits, and close behavior


  • Criteria, periods, and history
  • Adjustments and overrides

Additional Topics

  • Assessments and assessment templates
  • Sales Catalog


  • Oracle Composers overview
  • Extensibility overview
  • Personalization overview
  • Analytics and reporting overview
  • Oracle Fusion CRM for Microsoft Outlook overview
  • Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales overview
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