Fusion Applications: Accounting Hub Fundamentals; Training-on-Demand



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  • Implementierungsberater


  • Create financial reports
  • Analyze and inquire on financial results
  • Explain application coexistence configuration
  • Describe consolidations using Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition integration
  • Explain budgeting using Oracle Hyperion Planning, Fusion Edition integration
  • Identify the key concepts of Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub offering that determine a successful implementation
  • Use Oracle Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to implement the Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub
  • Discuss the common applications configuration for the Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub
  • Describe configuration of enterprise structures and the related case study
  • Define financial reporting structures
  • Create ledgers
  • Specify ledger options
  • Open and close periods
  • Perform period close functions
  • Define intercompany processing rules
  • Configure accounting transformations


This course provides implementation training for the Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub. It follows the Fusion Accounting Hub offering task lists in the Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager.

Learn To:

  • Use Oracle Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to implement the Accounting Hub.
  • Discuss the common applications configuration for the Accounting Hub.
  • Identify the key concepts of Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub offering that determine a successful implementation.
  • Describe configuration of enterprise structures and the related case study.
  • Note: This does not cover the E-Business Suite R12 Financial Accounting Hub

Benefits To You:

Ensure a smooth, rapid and successful implementation of Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub. Better understand the configuration options around enterprise structures, accounting rules, reporting, and budgeting so that you can make improved decisions during your implementation. Optimize the set up so that you can consistently enforce accounting policies and better meet your reporting requirements.

Additional Topics

You'll also learn integration points, implementation considerations, enterprise reporting structures, accounting rules, reporting, budgeting, and consolidation options. Expert Oracle instructors will take you through material step by step, with hands-on demonstrations.

Course subjects

Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub Implementation Course Overview

Functional Setup Manager Overview

Common Applications Components

  • Defining Enterprise Structures
  • Defining Legal Jurisdictions and Authorities
  • Managing Legal Entities
  • Managing Legal Reporting Units
  • Managing Business Units

Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub Case Study

  • Overview of InFusion Corporation
  • InFusion Corporation Analysis
  • InFusion Enterprise Structure Model
  • InFusion Corporation Structure Diagram
  • InFusion Enterprise Structure Mapping
  • InFusion Chart of Accounts Summary

Financial Reporting Structures

  • Accounting Configuration Prerequisites
  • Defining Chart of Accounts
  • Managing Calendars
  • Managing Currencies Overview
  • Defining Currencies Overview


  • Ledgers Defined
  • Secondary Ledgers
  • Reporting Currencies
  • Ledger Sets

General Ledger Options

  • Creating a Journal Approval Rule
  • Data Access Set Security
  • Segment Value Security
  • Function Security
  • Journals Sequencing

Period Close Components

  • Period Close Checklist
  • Journal Import Verification Process
  • Historical Rates
  • Foreign Currency Translation
  • Consolidating Ledgers
  • Performing Account Inquiry

Accounting Transformation Configuration

  • Relevant Setup Tasks
  • Configuring Accounting Transformation
  • Register Source System Applications Overview
  • Register Source Systems
  • Using Accounting Events Interfaces
  • Managing Accounting Rules

Intercompany Processing Rules

  • Managing Intercompany Balancing
  • Managing Intercompany Transaction Processing

Financial Reporting

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Multi-Dimensional Analysis on Live Data

Applications Coexistence Configuration

  • Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Integration with Oracle PeopleSoft

Financial Management Integration for Consolidations

  • Consolidation Methods
  • Elimination Entries
  • Financial Management Integration Option
  • Mapping Segments to Financial Management Dimensions
  • Configuring ERP Integrator

Planning Configuration of Budgeting

  • Budgeting within the Oracle Fusion Accounting Hub
  • Budget Scenario Dimensions
  • Loading Budget Data using Smart View
  • Integration with Hyperion Planning
  • Configuring ERP Integrator for Hyperion Planning
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