Fusion Applications: HCM Benefits Implementation; Training-on-Demand



  • Implementierungsberater
  • Technischer Berater


  • Fusion Applications: Functional Setup Manager for Implemente
  • Fusion Applications: Functional Setup Manager for Implementers


  • Identify the key concepts of Oracle Fusion Benefits that determine a successful implementation
  • Use Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to implement Benefits
  • Validate your implementation by enrolling in your plans through self service


This Fusion Applications: HCM Benefits Implementation training teaches you to implement, configure and use Oracle Fusion Benefits. Examine setup tasks and more.

Learn To:

  • Create benefit plans and programs.
  • Define benefits eligibility and life events.
  • Configure and manage eligibility-related objects, like derived eligibility criteria and eligibility profiles.
  • Define enrollment display and general benefits.
  • Manage benefit plan types and options.
  • Use Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager to plan, configure and implement Oracle Fusion Benefits.
  • Manage benefit rates and coverage.

Benefits to You:

Ensure a smooth, rapid implementation of Fusion Benefits. Better understand the configuration options so that you can make improved decisions during your implementation. Efficiently create and manage benefit plans and programs for your organization.

Security for Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management & Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager

Gain an understanding of how Oracle Fusion uses job and data roles, role inheritance and security privileges to secure application functionality and data access.

Oracle Fusion Benefits Implementation

Configure and manage life events, benefit programs, plan types and options, plan rates, coverages and enrollment display.

Course subjects

Oracle Fusion Benefits Course Overview

  • Lesson and Course Objectives
  • Course Schedule and Approach
  • Oracle Fusion Applications Overview
  • Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM) Overview
  • Manage Benefits Overview
  • Benefits Terminology
  • Benefits Hierarchy
  • Component Creation Sequence

Security Overview

  • Role-based Access Control
  • Oracle Fusion Security Privileges
  • Data Security and Data Security Role Inheritance
  • Security Reference Implementation
  • Security Provisioning
  • Tools Used to Perform Security Tasks
  • Benefits Administrator Job Role

Introducing Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager

  • Application Implementation Lifecycle
  • Functional Setup Enterprise Roles
  • Plan an Implementation
  • Configure Offerings
  • Generate Setup Task Lists
  • Assigned Implementation Tasks
  • Access Implementation Projects and Tasks

Define General Benefits

  • Manage Benefits Lookups
  • Manage Fast Formulas
  • Manage Benefits Groups
  • Manage Benefits Relationships for Legal Entities

Define Benefits Eligibility

  • Eligibility Overview
  • Manage Derived Factors
  • Manage Benefit Service Areas
  • Manage Eligibility Profiles
  • Define Eligibility Criteria
  • Add Multiple Eligibility Criteria
  • Define User-defined Criteria

Define Benefits Life Events

  • Benefit Life Events Overview
  • Life Event Setup Considerations for Planning
  • Configure Life Events
  • Earnings and Payment Transactions

Manage Benefit Plan Types and Options

  • Overview of Hierarchy
  • Manage Year Periods
  • Manage Benefit Plan Types
  • Manage Benefit Options
  • Create Designation Requirements for Options

Creating Benefit Plans and Programs

  • Overview of Plan and Program Creation Methods
  • Enter Basic Plan Details and Additional Configuration as well as Basic Program Details
  • Eligibility and Enrollment Configuration
  • Define Eligibility and Enrollment at the Hierarchy Levels
  • Configure Certification
  • Configure Suspended Enrollment
  • Configure Designations

Manage Benefit Rates and Coverage

  • Overview of Rates
  • Manage Payroll Elements and Input Values
  • Planning an Implementation
  • Manage Standard Rates and How Rates are Calculated
  • Manage Variable Coverage Profiles and Calculation Method
  • Manage Benefit Plan Coverage and Coverage Amount Calculation Methods
  • Manage Coverage Across Plan Types
  • Manage Variable Rate Profiles and Calculations

Define Enrollment Display and Enroll

  • Configure Plan Type Groups
  • Manage Enrollment Authorizations
  • Manage Benefits Self-Service Configuration
  • Self-Service Enrollment
  • Managing Enrollments in the Benefits Service Center

Course Summary

  • Oracle Fusion HCM Benefits Implementation Course Summary Highlights
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