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  • Fusion Applications: Functional Setup Manager for Implemente
  • Fusion Applications: Security Fundamentals Ed 1
  • Fusion Applications: Security Fundamentals


  • Use Oracle Fusion Incentive Compensation (IC) to perform functional (or transactional) tasks
  • Identify the key concepts of Incentive Compensation that determine a successful implementation
  • Use Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to implement Incentive Compensation
  • Test your setup by entering data and performing common Incentive Compensation processes


This course provides participants with the knowledge and skills they require to implement, configure, and use Oracle Fusion Incentive Compensation. Participants examine incentive compensation functional tasks and transaction processing as well as setup tasks through lectures, discussions, demonstrations and hands-on activities. Incentive compensation functional tasks include creating and managing compensation and payment plans as well as classification, crediting, and rollup rules; importing, maintaining, and assigning participants; and generating credit, earnings, and payment transactions as well as distributing payments. Setup tasks include configuring common components such as enterprise structures, security, persons, parties, geographies, approvals, Oracle Fusion Help, application toolkit, and common reference objects. It also includes setup tasks for incentive compensation shared configurations and business units.

Learn To:

  • Configure incentive compensation plans and classification, credit, and rollup rules
  • Assign incentive and draw plans
  • Manage processes and workloads
  • Approve and distributing payments
  • Monitor performance and review incentive results
  • Setup Oracle Fusion Incentive Compensation and manage incentive compensation business processes

Benefits to You:

Ensure a smooth, rapid implementation of Fusion Incentive Compensation. Better understand configuration options so that you can make improved decisions during your implementation. Efficiently use and manage Oracle Fusion Incentive Compensation to assure effective administration of your sales incentive programs.

Course subjects

Incentive Compensation Course Overview

  • Lesson and Course Objectives
  • Course Schedule
  • Outline of Course Hands-On Activities
  • Oracle Fusion Resources

Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications and Incentive Compensation

  • Introduce Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface
  • Introduce Oracle Fusion Customer Relationship Management, Human Capital Management, and Incentive Compensation
  • Introduce the Manage Incentive Compensation Main Business Activities
  • Introduce Incentive Compensation Transaction Processing

Model and Configure Incentive Plans

  • Compensation Plans and Building Blocks Overview
  • Rate Tables and Dimensions
  • Expressions
  • Performance Measures
  • Classification Rules and Credit Category Hierarchies

Assign Participants

  • Introducing Participants, Plans, and Pay Groups
  • Assigning Participants, Payment Plans, and Pay Groups

Credit Participants

  • What is Sales Crediting?
  • How Much Is Appropriate?
  • Crediting Defined
  • Oracle Fusion Incentive Compensation Crediting

Activity: Credit, Classify, Calculate Earnings, and Determine Payments

  • Incentive Compensation Processing Lifecycle
  • Base Transactions
  • Credited and Classified Transactions
  • Earnings and Payment Transactions

Transaction Lifecycle

  • Importing, Collecting, and Managing Transactions
  • Crediting
  • Rollup
  • Classification
  • Calculation
  • Payment Entities and Processes Overview
  • Payment Transactions

Sales Compensation

  • Monitor Participant and Team Performance
  • Manage Disputes

Introducing Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager

  • Application Implementation Lifecycle
  • Functional Setup Enterprise Roles
  • Planning an Implementation
  • Configuring Offerings
  • Generating Setup Task Lists
  • Assigned Implementation Tasks
  • Maintaining Setup Data
  • Accessing Implementation Projects and Tasks

Define Enterprise Structures for Incentive Compensation

  • Oracle Fusion Applications Business Units and Business Functions
  • Reference Data Sharing
  • Reference Data Partitions
  • Workforce Structures: Jobs and Job Families
  • Incentive Compensation and HCM Jobs

Define Security and Persons for Incentive Compensation

  • IC Security Setup and Maintenance
  • Roles Assigned to Users
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Job and Duty Roles
  • Manage Incentive Compensation Main Business Activities
  • The Security Reference Implementation
  • User Accounts and Role Provisioning
  • Managing Security Using HCM, OIM, and APM

Define Trading Community Details for Incentive Compensation

  • Customer Data Model Data and Incentive Compensation Rules
  • How Oracle Fusion IC Uses Geography Reference Data
  • Implementation Considerations
  • Manage Geographies
  • File-Based Import Process

Define Parties and Resources for Incentive Compensation

  • Why Parties and Resources?
  • Importing Customer Data Flow
  • Partner, Person, and Resource Application Data
  • Parties and Party Relationships and Data Model
  • How Data Objects Reference Each Other
  • Using Text and XML Files for Import

Maintain Common Reference Objects

  • Application Taxonomy Overview
  • Define ISO Reference Data
  • Profile Options, Levels, and Values
  • Lookups
  • Flexfields
  • Value Sets
  • Set Activity Stream
  • Manage Menu Customizations

Define Incentive Compensation Shared Configuration

  • Calendar Period Types and Periods
  • Multicurrency Support
  • Converting IC Currencies

Define Incentive Compensation Business Unit Configuration

  • Setting Calendar, Currency, and Processing Parameters
  • Configuring Tables and Columns
  • Enabling Attributes for Calculation
  • Manage Earning Types
  • Period Statuses
  • Participant Import

Define Approval Management for Incentive Compensation

  • Approval Management Overview
  • Setting Up Approval Management
  • Manage Task Configurations
  • Approval Groups

Define Application Toolkit Configuration

  • Map Reports to Work Areas

Define Extensions for Incentive Compensation (ESS)

  • Manage Job Concepts
  • Updating Custom Processes
  • Manage List of Values Sources

Course Summary

  • Key Conceptual Concept Summaries
  • Transactional Course Activities Summary
  • Implementation Course Activities Summary
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