Fusion Applications: Extend Oracle Fusion CRM with Composers; Training-on-Demand



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Fusion Applications: CRM Implementation


  • Use sandboxes with Oracle Application Composer
  • Use Oracle Application Composer to customize and extend an application
  • Use Oracle Composer to customize pages of an application
  • Describe the architecture of the Oracle Fusion Extensibility framework
  • Use BI Composer to create tabular and graphical reports


This course covers extensibility tasks. These include customizing existing objects, creating new objects, modifying business logic, customizing page layouts and creating custom reporting subject areas.

Learn To:

  • Use Oracle Composer to customize the layout and content of a page.
  • Use Oracle Application Composer to create a custom reporting subject area.
  • Use Sandboxes to isolate your customizations.
  • Use BI Composer to create tabular and graphical reports.
  • Use Oracle Application Composer to create or customize objects and object business logic.

Benefits To You:

Understand how to modify, customize and extend the as-delivered Oracle Fusion CRM applications to help you better meet your business requirements.

Customization Architecture

Expert instructors will give you a brief overview of the customization architecture and the available composers. Each composer will be described in detail.

Oracle Application Composer

Oracle Application Composer is used to customize existing objects, create new objects, customize business logic and so forth. Oracle Composer is used to modify page layout and content, and is available to both end users and administrators. Oracle BI Composer is used to create reports.

Using Development Sandboxes

In addition to content on the three composers, this course provides a brief overview of the architecture that supports these customizations. It also teaches you to use development sandboxes to protect the mainline during development with application composer. Learn how these customizations affect other areas of the application as well.

Course subjects

Introducing Oracle Fusion CRM and Extensibility

  • Oracle Fusion CRM Overview
  • The model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern
  • Oracle Fusion Metadata Services (MDS)
  • Customization layers

Oracle Application Composer

  • Sandboxes
  • Extending Standard Objects: fields and pages
  • Creating Custom Objects
  • Fixed Choice Lists, Dynamic Choice Lists, and Pickers
  • Adding Child or Related Objects
  • Adding Subtabs and Tree Nodes
  • Custom Object Security
  • How Extensions Affect Other Areas

Additional Customizations

  • Groovy Scripts
  • Formula fields
  • Making fields required, updateable, and setting defaults
  • Validation, trigger, object-level, and global scripts
  • Debugging techniques
  • Object Workflows
  • Customize application pages using Oracle Composer

Oracle Fusion CRM and Analytics

  • Subject Areas
  • Creating tabular and graphical reports
  • Sectioning, prompting, and highlighting
  • Creating custom subject areas based on custom objects
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