JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Sales Order Management Rel 9.x ; Training-on-Demand



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  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Inventory Management Rel 9.x
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Inventory Management Rel 9.x


  • Describing reposting and purging sales order information
  • Defining customer master information
  • Entering and managing sales orders
  • Printing picking documents
  • Performing the end-of-day sales update process
  • Processing direct ship orders
  • Processing blanket orders
  • Processing credit orders
  • Processing backorders
  • Defining item cross references
  • Setting up the sales price based-on date preference
  • Approving and logging sales orders
  • Reviewing sales order reports and inquiries
  • Setting up fundamental components for sales order management
  • Describing item master and item branch/plant information
  • Determining commitment and availability


This JD Edwards Sales Order Management course explores how to perform common tasks related to the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Sales Order Management system. Get hands-on training from expert Oracle instructors.

Learn To:

  • Describe the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Sales Order Management business process.
  • Set up the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Sales Order Management system foundation.
  • Define customer information for sales.
  • Process basic sales orders.
  • Demonstrate efficiency processing for sales orders.
  • Review sales order information.

Goals of this Course

Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to complete the following tasks: set up the sales order management system foundation, define customer information for sales, process basic sales orders, update sales and accounts receivable (AR) information and review sales order information.

Course subjects

Business Process Overview

  • Describing the Features of Sales Order Management
  • Describing Sales Order Management System Integration

Setting Up Fundamental Components for Sales Order Management

  • Describing the Fundamental Setup for Sales
  • Setting Up Document Types for Sales Orders
  • Setting Up Order Activity Rules
  • Setting Up AAIs

Determining Commitment and Availability

  • Identifying Commitment Types
  • Defining Availability
  • Explaining How Commitments Affect Availability

Defining Customer Information

  • Creating a Customer Master Record

Setting Up Base Pricing

  • Identifying the Base Price Search Sequence
  • Distinguishing Between Item Groups and Customer Groups
  • Describing the Base Pricing Hierarchy
  • Setting Up a Base Price

Entering and Managing Sales Orders

  • Describing Sales Order Entry
  • Defining Processing Options for Sales Order Entry
  • Entering Sales Order Header Information
  • Entering Sales Order Detail Information
  • Managing Existing Sales Orders

Printing Picking Documents

  • Describing Picking Documents
  • Printing Pick Slips

Confirming Order Shipment

  • Describing Shipment Confirmation
  • Performing Shipment Confirmation

Describing Shipping Documents

  • Printing a Bill Of Lading
  • Printing Delivery Notes

Printing Invoices

  • Describing Sales Order Invoices
  • Printing Standard Invoices
  • Explaining Cycle Billing

Performing the End-of-Day Sales Update Process

  • Defining End-of-Day Processing
  • Describing Table Updates During Sales Update
  • Running the Sales Update Program
  • Reviewing and Posting Customer Sales

Processing Direct Ship Orders

  • Setting Up Direct Ship Sales Orders
  • Entering Direct Ship Orders

Processing Transfer Orders

  • Setting Up Transfer Orders
  • Entering Transfer Orders
  • Describing Intransit Inventory

Processing Credit Orders

  • Setting Up Credit Orders
  • Entering Credit Orders

Processing Return Material Authorizations

  • Setting Up RMAs
  • Entering RMAs
  • Updating RMAs

Processing Quote Orders

  • Setting Up Quote Orders
  • Entering Quote Orders

Processing Blanket Orders

  • Setting Up Blanket Orders
  • Entering Blanket Orders

Processing Backorders

  • Describing Backorders
  • Describing System Setup for Backorders
  • Releasing Backorders

Applying and Releasing Order Holds

  • Setting Up Order Hold Information
  • Describing Batch Credit Holds
  • Releasing Held Orders

Defining Item Cross-References

  • Describing Substitute Items and Associated Items
  • Setting Up Substitute and Associated Items
  • Entering Cross-Reference Items During Order Entry

Processing Kits and Components

  • Setting Up the Item Master for Kit Processing
  • Configuring BOMs for Kit Processing
  • Entering Sales Orders for Kits
  • Describing Kit Component Processing

Approving and Logging Changes to Sales Orders

  • Describing the Order Approval Process
  • Describing Sales Order Approval Codes
  • Approving and Releasing Held Sales Orders
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